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Responsive resume theme for HackMyResume adapted for the FRESH schema from Mudassir's jsonresume-theme-elegant. I used Antonio Ruberto's fresh-theme-bootstrap theme as base guidelines to make this theme using the Handlebar template engine.

For now this only a HTML theme. I'm open to suggestion concerning the frontend code and the UI/UX, see Contributing for more information.


The sectionss currently available are:

  • Profile (with name, photo, label, address, phone, email, website, languages and social links)
  • About (with you info.brief)
  • Work Experience (employment)
  • Skills
  • Education
  • Projects
  • Volunteer Work (service)
  • Interests
  • Awards (recognition)
  • References

If a section is not used in your FRESH resume it will simply not be displayed

Supported Profiles

All the profiles not on this list may not have an icon and will not have any custom color.

  • angellist
  • behance
  • bitbucket
  • codepen
  • dribbble
  • dribble
  • exercism
  • facebook
  • foursquare
  • instagram
  • github
  • googleplus
  • gratipay
  • hackernews
  • lastfm
  • linkedin
  • pinterest
  • reddit
  • skype
  • soundcloud
  • spotify
  • stackexchange
  • stackoverflow
  • tumblr
  • twitter
  • vimeo
  • youtube
  • medium
  • blogger
  • steam

How to use it

Go where your FRESH JSON resume is located and run:

npm install fresh-theme-elegant

Then to export your resume using this template run:

hackmyresume BUILD resume.json TO out/resume.all --theme node_modules/fresh-theme-elegant/


In the long term this template will support all the FRESH sections and will let the final user decide what to put in their FRESH resume. This template will also aim at supporting other languages that English.


There are many ways you can help improve this theme (and most don't even require coding):

  • Open an issue to report a bug with the theme
  • Open an issue to discuss the layout of a section (or of the entire resume) and we'll find what fits best
  • Open an issue to request a particular section or field to be added (if you can describe how you imagine the layout it's even better)
  • Open an issue to request the addition of a new feature, like displaying the duration between start to end (yes it is already on my to-do list)
  • Fork the repo, make a new branch with your changes and make a pull request describing the changes you want to apply (bug fix, feature, section, layout, ...)